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Posted by Linethickness - 9 days ago

Hello! this update is a little different than the ones I've been uploaded here, but its interesting I promise

I made a swanky hook!

But not just any hook, Crocodile from One Piece's hook! Which to someone who does cosplay prop making as a hobby, can be daunting but overall it was way more fun than anticipated! But still a lot of trial and error. I had 3 attempts before reaching the final just two days before I was going to NYCC! It was crunch time! Here are the materials I used:

  • Styrofoam half circle x2 (micheals or other craft stores in the floral section)
  • EVA foam 4mm (preferably white since we are using light colored paint)
  • Gold acryllic paint (can be as cheap or as expensive as you want) see tip #3
  • Plastidip, flexseal, or gesso primer (can be as cheap or as expensive as you want) see tip #3
  • Weldwood contact cement (3floz container is more than enough)
  • hot glue gun (low heat one)
  • a BUTT TON of hot glue gun glue


If I am only counting the final attempt's materials, this all around cost 40$ for me to make, but I already had the glue materials (which are pricey for single use but a low cost investment overall).


  1. DO NOT USE SPRAY PAINT OR CONTACT CEMENT ON STYROFOAM! These actually MELT styrofoam and if you use it, youd have to start all over again. The weldwood should be only used on EVA foam in this project
  2. TEST YOUR PATTERN! For those new to making EVA props and costumes, you need to make a pattern. For this I made a model in Blender and used a papercraft plug in. however it took several attempts to get it right. Make a small paper model of your pattern to test it out!
  3. SAND THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOUR PAINT! The trick to getting even and metallic like coating on your paint is by sanding it using increasingly high grit sand paper in between coats. I started with two coats of primer (I used cheap chalky gesso) and sanded it with 800 grit, then applied a single coat, sanded, and repeated until smooth. Then I added 2 coats of my cheapo acryllic Artist Loft paint, sanded it, and single coated, and sanded, etc etc. I repeated this for two days. There is a proportional trade off between time and money spent. The less money spent, the more time into sanding, and vice versa.

Here is the finished piece


Its not perfect and can be made better, but its perfect for me! I am not a professional and this is a hobby of mine, but if you have any questions or tips for cosplay and costume prop making dm me! Halloween is fast approaching my beloveds



Posted by Linethickness - 3 weeks ago

Hey all my fresh-ass new followers! I wanted to send a shout out to everyone with a sincere thank you for following me and enjoying my content! I know to some clout chasers having 100 people watch you is measly, but I swear if 100 of you random strangers and friends hopped into a room and watched me hold up art and go bananas... I'd start crying! The fact that 100 of you and more enjoy what I draw in my off time for warmups or for work really warms my heart. So without beating around the bush or getting too sappy, I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.



Posted by Linethickness - September 1st, 2021

Hey Everyone! Its been a very wild summer and I'd love to thank all of you for it! It was amazing coming back to newgrounds and making new friends!

Here are the projects Im working on at the moment!

REANIMATES!: I am lucky to be apart of two wonderful animation Collab's on Newgrounds, as well as one for my school! Im in the Pogo Reantiquated as well as the Casino Calamity Collab hosted by @RecD and @TheWax. For the School one I participated in a Phineas and Ferb Reanimate that I will be posting the animation loop for since it was a short segment~

THESIS FILM PREPRODUCTION: I have a script! I will be posting the storyboard once I have the music and voice acting done so expect that well before december!

RAILWAY TO HEAVEN: Still a work in progress film from last semester! I have been putting this in the background in order to focus on my thesis and building my portfolio with more pipeline art.

SUPER SECRET COMIC!!!: I'm partnering with @hekdiggity to create a thrilling fantasy style adventure comic! We are well underway with organizing and adding members to our team in order to make this a well written and exciting adventure! I'll be posting any design notes as I create them.



Posted by Linethickness - April 27th, 2021

School Ends this week, and I wanted to share some cool projects I'm working on thatll be showing up here soon

Railway to Heaven: An animated short film that uses a 2d and 3d blender combo! A slumped girl named Mori finishes her nightshift and makes her way home by train, but finds herself without a ticket on a ghost train! She dodges the strange and intense ghostly environment to make her way home! This is in the tail end of production so should be up within the month

THESIS FILM PREPRODUCTION: I am going into the nitty gritty of my thesis film character, background, and story creation. I cant wait to share the script with you and my progress on it! I'll also be creating a thesis film budget fund to hire Voice actors and potential colorists so when it goes live I will be posting that

SUPER SECRET COMIC!!!: I'm partnering with @heckdiggity to create a thrilling fantasy style adventure comic! preproduction and character finalizations are gonna happen this summer. So I will be posting the progress as it happens.

COSPLAY: I have two different costumes planned for the fall, GenderSwapped Crocodile from One Piece and Bulma from Dragon Ball! I'll be posting the design process for the different final products. I usually work with foam for props so blender will be a huge help for modeling the patters for it this time around!

HOOWEE thats a lotta fuckin meatballs. Its gonna be a busy summer but I cant wait!! hope youll stay tuned for whacky storyboard/animatics and progress, progress, PROGRESS!